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Music Ideas

Here is an ongoing (and regularly updated) list to get you started. These are pieces I’ve selected because I love them (or some of my couples have.) 

Usually, I suggest three pieces (although sometimes there are two processionals - one for the bride and one for the wedding party.)

1. Processional piece – entrance music 

2. Signing piece – played during signing of the Marriage Register
3. Recessional or ‘exit’ piece – usually celebration style for the end

Click through below and download the PDFs, with YouTube links.

If you want to play recorded music, you will need to locate a version to purchase from iTunes or Spotify for quality & copyright  purposes.


You will also need to appoint someone to actually play the tunes, (press play) through my PA which  will usually be at the back of all of the guests, or off to the side. 

ALTERNATIVELY, I can bring a Music Technician who will download and play the  pieces for you during the ceremony. This would be an additional cost so please ask  me about this if you are interested.  


Finally, live music for the ceremony is always a great choice. I can help you with that if you need...

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