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Queer Friendly Funerals in Melbourne

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

As Co-Founder & Head of Memorials at Tomorrow Funerals, I am passionate about advocating for LGBTIA acceptance and equality within the funeral industry, which in itself is generally fairly old fashioned. In fact, we believe a fundamental change in the Australian funeral industry is long overdue – it is this belief that has inspired our unique cremation & memorial only package.

At Tomorrow Funerals, we believe that acceptance and understanding is everyone’s right, especially during times of vulnerability; whilst experiencing grief or as an elder in the community. Hearing firsthand reports of elderly LGBT people - those who’ve historically faced prejudice and discrimination, feeling the need to ‘get back into the closet’ whilst living in aged care facilities, has both shocked and saddened us.

As an experienced Melbourne Funeral and Marriage Celebrant, I was a proud advocate for marriage equality Today, I'm incredibly proud to have married many queer couples since 2017 when same sex marriage was first legalised in Australia after a national postal survey was conducted by the Australian Government.

At Tomorrow Funerals, we are proud allies of the LGBTIQ+ community. A queer-friendly funeral with us is all is based upon the principals of equality, acceptance and compassion for all members of the community including those who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, non-binary, agender, gender fluid, intersex, pansexual and others.

Whilst traditional funerals are entrenched in religion and based around a coffin being present, most Australians are now more comfortable with the concept of cremation and memorial-style funerals.

At Tomorrow, we offer one transparent package that includes a dignified cremation, plus everything needed to help you create a personalised memorial event that truly represents your loved one.

That could mean an elegant event at Garden’s House in Melbourne’s Royal Botanical Gardens, a celebration style service overlooking the waves at Elwood Bathers or speeches over beers at Richmond’s DT’s followed by a night of dancing at Sircuit. In fact, there are lots more ideas for funeral locations here.

How to Plan A Memorial Style funeral

Whilst no one wants to be in the position of planning a funeral for a loved one, it's something that many of us face at some time in our lives and we strongly believe when that time comes everyone has the right to feel comfortable and safe. It is from this place that a person can create a memorial event that truly reflects the life of the person whose life you are celebrating – one that shines a light on who they were.

Call us if you’d like to chat about creating a queer-friendly funeral for a loved one, or even for yourself.

For more information check email me at

OR Call on 0414 475 642


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