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Personalised Ceremonies by Celebrant Kate Morgan

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

My Personal Objective

My personal agenda every time I stand up to do my wedding thing is, to leave every guest (and most importantly my beautiful couples,) feeling like they've just experienced the best wedding ceremony ever.

I want folks laughing and crying in all the right places. I want them to feel ready to party and spend the rest of the day telling the Newlyweds that they did not realise how the ceremony itself could be the BEST part of the day.

So that's my goal. It's all about giving my couples the very best start to their marriage ever.

One of my (many) tools is the following Q & A.

The Questionnaire

This questionnaire, as well our face to face conversations, helps me create a really personal wedding ceremony for you. Of course, if you feel more comfortable answering only verbally, that’s fine too. (There are 13 questions because 13 is my lucky number.)

There are no right or wrong answers. Don’t worry about spelling or English – just let it flow.

In all aspects of my work with you, I am bound by The Privacy Act 1988 and as such, I will not use information without your permission.

PS. Please only include details you are happy to have included in your ceremony.

A final note! If you can, keep answers short-ish, but descriptive.

Q & A
  1. Was there a special reason for choosing your wedding date & venue?

  2. What do your guests (friends & family) mean to you?

  3. When & where did you first meet? (What details can you remember?)

  4. What attracted you to each other? What do you first remember noticing? Feeling?

  5. Tell me about your first date. (Where/when was it?) How did you feel?

  6. How did you know you had fallen in love?

  7. What do you love doing together as a couple?

  8. What is better about your lives together, as a couple, than before? OR what were you like before, and how are you different now?

  9. Use 3 (serious or funny) words to describe your partner?

  10. What drives you nuts about your partner? OR in what ways are you different?

  11. What do you love most about your partner?

  12. Is there a proposal story? Tell me about it.

  13. What are your plans/hopes for your future, as a couple?

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