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The Asking or saying 'I Do '

Those two magic words.. "I do”

Did you know there is no legal requirement to include ‘The Asking’ in an Australian wedding?


However, it's a tradition that is usually followed.


Feel free to use one of mine below, or make up your own!


Best Melbourne Wedding Celebrant - Kate Morgan

[name], do you promise to dedicate yourself to [name], in heart and soul,  to love, care and cherish [her/him] through life’s joys and sorrows, for all  the days of your life?


Answer: I do.


[name], knowing [name’s],’s love for you, acknowledging [her/his]  strengths, [her/his] weaknesses yet loving [her/him] as [she/he] is, do you take [name], to be your lover, best friend and [wife/husband]?


Answer: I do.

Best Melbourne Wedding Celebrant - Kate Morgan same sex marriage.jpeg



[name], will you take [name] to be your [wife/husband]? Will you strive to  always stand by [her/his] side when it is easy and when it is hard,  committing your life to [name] and your energy to always improving your  relationship?

Answer: I do.


Do you [name] and you [name] take each other as partners in marriage?  Will you share in all things, encourage and support one another, so that  you may fulfil your dreams together? Will you be there for each other, in  all your tomorrows and spend the rest of your life striving for a happy  married life?


Answer: We will.

Best Melbourne Wedding Celebrant - Kate Morgan


Kate Morgan wedding celebrant Sarah+Lucas_ceremony_highres-168.jpg

Will you, [name & name], be each other's partners from this day forward?  Will you bring out the best in one another, share your happiest moments  together, and love each other absolutely — for the rest of this lifetime and  for whatever may come next?

Answer: We will.

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