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Something Different

Here is my ‘Super List’ of wonderful and unique ways to get you thinking about how your big day will really feel like YOUR day.


Remember also, that your wedding should reflect your personalities and this sometimes means, traditional or understated. (In other words, it’s OK if you don’t  want to include any of these x) 


You could walk down the aisle together at the very beginning, to your favourite song, to symbolise your equality.


Why not both walk down the aisle with your parents? (With your own entrance songs even!) In fact, this is how some cultures start weddings traditionally.


Grandmothers might make the best flower girls of all! (Imagine how thrilled they’d be?) Or what about Grandfather’s having a special role?


 For laughs, you could write personal vows for your partner to say to you – what you  wish they’d promise! Then you read them out loud for the first time. (This can be fun!)


We could introduce / acknowledge each member of your wedding party and give them a  special welcome.


Instead of a traditional reading, we could ask your oldest married friends, relatives or  grandparents to get up together and share their best marriage advice somewhere in the  ceremony. 


Warming of the Rings: We can pass your wedding rings around the crowd during the  ceremony, so that every guest can hold them, instilling their love and best wishes, before  you exchange them!


You could write a love letter to each other before the ceremony. We could then seal  them away in a time capsule to be read in 1 year or 10 years. (A wine box makes a good  capsule along with a fine bottle.)


We could surprise your parents by asking them to stand, then address a special family  acknowledgment their way, for all of their love and support.


Have your guests blow bubbles, pop champagne or throw petals at the conclusion of the  ceremony.


I can get the whole crowd to pronounce you ‘married’, after all - they’re your people,  your community!


If you aren’t up for saying ‘personal vows’ to each other, we can write some beautiful  words of love from each of you to the other, and I’ll read them. I will fit this in  seamlessly just before you say your legal vows.


Perhaps share a toast of your favourite drink before your vows!


The 4-legged ‘love of your life’ could surprise guests just before the vows by presenting  the rings. I could announce him / her, as they walk down the aisle with human friend  leading the way.


The Witness Lotto: Instead of ‘pre-selecting’ two legal witnesses, we could surprise  guests by drawing names out of a hat, with the lucky winners invited to be witnesses.


Instead of signing the marriage certificates at a 'signing table' in front of your guests, why not sign the documents straight after the ceremony inside your venue, or at the bar with a glass of champagne?


Flash Mob: Ask a bunch of friends to arrange a singing / dancing flash mob to entertain guests as we sign the marriage certificates. Or get someone to host a quick session of  ‘musical chairs’ so that everyone ends up next to someone new before the end.


During the signing of the marriage register, someone could hand out the lyrics to your  favourite song, then the group could be invited to stand and sing as you start celebrations  with your first married kiss!


Before your ‘I do’s’ I could talk to the crowd about how important they are to you, then  ask if they will support you over the years. They then answer in unison “We Do.” 


If you have children, or special friends, would they like to say a vow or be asked to make a vow or say “I do.”? I have seen this really beautifully with step families.  

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