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Unplugged or Plugged

Reasons to Unplug:  Obviously, the biggest is that many couples would prefer their guests to be mentally &  spiritually present and witness all the special moments with their actual eyes and not  through a screen.You might be paying a professional photographer big bucks to capture all the images  and you’d prefer to leave it to them.You don’t get to select which images are posted to social media.You don’t want dozens of photos of your guests with arms out, taking pictures! 


You might want to inform your guests about your

‘no-photos rule’ on the wedding invitation, website OR just spread the word yourselves before the big  day. 


Here are some ideas of wording that I can include into your ceremony if you  want me to make a statement about it – of course it can be changed to fit your  ceremony details. 

(Also I suggest doing this BEFORE bride arrives, right up front – right after I  introduce myself.) 

"Ladies and Gentlemen: A quick reminder to switch your phones off now  until the end of the ceremony."


"It might be an idea to put away your phones and gadgets for the ceremony now.
You can put them on again after XXX and XXX
make their vows if you must.  

If you do take the odd sneaky pic later on in the day, could you please refrain from going public on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat with pictures of the happy couple – they’re paying the big bucks for XXX, their wonderful and very professional photographer. He’s probably a lot better at it than most of you are. "


"XXX & XXX are hoping for an unplugged ceremony today. That means they respectfully ask if you could turn off your phones and put them away for the day. XXX & XXX would love it if you were here watching the ceremony with your own eyes and hearts, rather than via a screen.  

Also they have a great photographer here to capture everything and  they promise to share the pictures with you at a later date.  

Let’s see if we can all get through today without our good friend,  Facebook. Thank you Ladies & Gentlemen."


"Let’s begin with some rules!!
(Yes I know.. the fun bit!)  

Let me introduce our lovely but quite serious photographer, XXX You will  see him /her swooping around with big leather holsters, just like a gun  slinger. I can guarantee, almost without question, he/she/they take a way better photo than you. And the photos they do take, don't really need your hand holding a phone in them. 

Please put your devices away today guys. We’re going back to the ‘90’s  for this very ‘unplugged’ wedding."

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