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Acknowledge Country

Paying respect to the Traditional Owners of Australia recognises the strong, proud Aboriginal history and complex ownership and  land stewardship systems stretching back many thousands of years.

It is not a compulsory component of a wedding. The Victorian Government’s website recommends that an Acknowledgement of Country “should be given at formal  events, forums and functions such as Government and Local Government meetings,  conferences, school assemblies, concerts, board meetings, and official openings.”

If you wish to include the Acknowledgement, please let me know via a quick email or at our planning meeting.

Once we ascertain who the traditional owners of the area are, I will start the ceremony with the following words:

“Today’s wedding is being held on the traditional lands [or country] of the  [Traditional Owner group's name] people and I wish to acknowledge them as  Traditional Owners. 

I would also like to pay my respects to their Elders, past and present, and the  Elders from other communities who may be here today.”

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