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Elope! Legal-only, registry style weddings in Melbourne’s inner north

Below you will find a list of unique spots to tie the knot in Melbourne’s (uber cool) inner north!

What does it mean to elope in Melbourne?

In general, eloping refers to getting married without a formal ceremony or without inviting any guests, while a ‘legal-only’ marriage involves obtaining a marriage license and signing the necessary legal documents without a formal ceremony. (Tip – to be honest they are the same thing. Best thing to do is chat with your celebrant to discuss exactly what you want!)

To elope in Melbourne, you will need to book in with a celebrant or the Victorian Registry Office in the city. Only 5 people need to be in attendance:

  • The marrying couple

  • 2 witnesses, over the age of 18, who understand English Your celebrant

Abbotsford celebrant, Kate Morgan

I am an experienced authorised marriage celebrant living in the gorgeous suburb of Abbotsford.

I offer low-cost elopements in Abbotsford, Fitzroy, and Collingwood. My prices are comparable with the Victorian Marriage Register. Contact me here and ask for my "Simple Weddings Package" which outlines the costs. (Note the cheapest time to get married is business hours on week days, but I do offer packages outside these times.) As a celebrant, I help couples elope for all kinds of reasons. In fact, it’s quite a common thing to do. You might be considering a legal-only marriage because of immigration purposes. Perhaps you want to tie the knot after many years together. Or, perhaps you’re planning a big wedding overseas but want to get your marriage certificate issued in Australia before you leave.

Places to get married in Melbourne's Inner North

Here is list of options for places to hold a legal-only elopement or small wedding in Abbotsford.

It's important to note that some venues may have restrictions or requirements for legal-only weddings, so be sure to check with the venue beforehand. Additionally, some venues may require reservations or permits, so be sure to plan ahead accordingly.


  • Really small weddings can be conducted at my house in Abbotsford, or my office in Collingwood. The service offers a simple, legal transaction. You walk away with a signed Australian marriage certificate.

  • Gahan Reserve - Park St, Abbotsford, is a small but elegant park that has an off-leash area in case you want to bring along your dog.

  • Andrews Reserve, Yarra Bend - This scenic park offers several outdoor locations that would be perfect for a small legal-only wedding, such as the bridge overlooking The Yarra and many other secret spots. The park also offers ample opportunities for post-ceremony photos.

  • Kaede Café – this gorgeous café in Johnson St, Abbotsford is famous for it’s amazing coffee and delicious, home-made Japanese food.

  • Lulie’s Full Moon Fever Rooftop Bar is a very cool, rock and roll style American bar. A unique and hidden spot to tie the knot!

  • The Farm Café – near Collingwood Children’s Farm this cozy cafe offers a charming outdoor courtyard that would be perfect for a small legal-only wedding. The courtyard is adorned with fairy lights and plants, creating a romantic and whimsical atmosphere.


  • Stomping Ground Brewery & Beer Hall – warm friendly, but pretty cool vibe.

  • Le Bon Ton – Southern American BBQ joint. The best fried chicken in Melbourne! Did someone say cocktails? Get married here if you love US style BBQ.

  • Chotto Motto: Wellington St, Collingwood – a fun, unique gyoza loving restaurant to say your legal wedding vows over a beer or sake!

  • Saint Crispin, Fitzroy: This award-winning restaurant has a private dining room available for intimate legal-only weddings. The room features a rustic and romantic atmosphere, with exposed brick walls and vintage decor.


  • Fitzroy Gardens is technically located in East Melbourne, but very close to Fitzroy. It’s a very famous, beautiful old park – a timeless spot to get married in Melbourne.

  • Edinburgh Gardens, located in Fitzroy North,is a beautiful park with plenty of greenery and open space for a small wedding ceremony.

  • Fitzroy Social, located in Brunswick St, Fitzroy, the rooftop area has stunning views of the city that would be a great location for a small wedding ceremony.

The best thing to do is to speak directly with a professional celebrant who will patiently take you through the whole process. This is something you want done right by an experienced professional.

That’s what we’re here for, after all!

Good luck!!

. . .

Kate Morgan is a full time, Melbourne based wedding celebrant.

For more info visit the website:

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