Surprising ways to find Melbourne’s best wedding suppliers

Updated: Nov 2

Let’s face it, most couples getting married are first timers!

That’s OK, because really, how hard can it be – you choose a date, book in a bunch of Melbourne’s best wedding professionals and send out some invitations, right?

Obviously, you will need an amazing wedding celebrant, a fab venue, creative photographer and videographer, a brilliant make-up artist, a mind blowing florist, hot wedding DJ… Not to mention you need to think about wedding rings, dresses, suits.. what about live jazz band, fireworks and helicopter? Yes - the ideas are flowing and naturally – everything needs to be just perfect!

Like all newly engaged couples you’re likely to turn to Google. And that is where it all gets confusing. Pop ‘Melbourne’s best wedding vendors’ into the search bar and take your first step into the wedding worm hole!

In there, you will be inundated with wedding platforms that promise to make things easy. Platforms that group vendors together can be helpful, but what you might not realise is that these spaces are paid advertising platforms. This means that the vendors most likely to grab your attention are the ones who have paid the highest price (but are not necessarily the best.)

To give you a little bit more insight, here are some tips that I think are important when searching for the best wedding professionals. Instead of just being ‘sold to’ here are some smarter ways to find your wedding peeps! And below that, you will find a list of some of my favourite wedding vendors.

Tips for finding Melbourne’s best wedding professionals:

  • Word of mouth wedding suppliers Have you been to a wedding lately? Talk to friends and family who have been to amazing events and ask them who were their best vendors. And whilst you are at it, ask them what they would do differently and who ended up being the most important suppliers, (very important question that will likely generate different answers to what you expect.)

  • Reviews, reviews, but which reviews? There is a huge difference in which reviews to check. On their website a wedding vendor will include their most glowing 5-star reviews. Who wouldn’t? But on Google, a business cannot remove a less than favourable review, so check these first! My celebrant google reviews are here.

  • Ask the wedding vendor questions. Make sure their vibe fits with yours and with the way you want your day to feel!

  • Work out what’s important. Write a list of every single supplier you think you need, then number them from most important to least important to you personally. Amazing photos might be at the top of that list. Or is it a meaningful, fun ceremony to get the day started right? Or an amazing DJ who can get every single person on their feet with 'a night to remember' might come in at Number 1 for you. Whatever it is, this will give you some ideas of where to scrimp and where to splurge in terms of your budget.

Hopefully this has given you some insight into finding the best wedding suppliers for your perfect day. Below are some professionals I rate highly.

Kate’s recommended wedding suppliers

General suppliers

Melbourne Entertainment Company is a comprehensive wedding & events entertainment supplier delivering a refreshing, personalised entertainment to each client for every event. They create magical moments and everlasting memories.

The best live wedding music

I always know it's going to be an amazing wedding when Tobi Tobi are setting up. The duo play music during ceremonies, canapés, first dances and over dinner. Double bass, acoustic guitar and vocals, Tobi Tobi learn your favourite songs to make your magic moments even more wondrous.

Wedding photographers

Ashton Pierre is amazing and a number of his images are on my own website. He has a very personal, romantic style and is internationally renowned.

It’s Beautiful Here are a duo named Kat and Scout and I adore everything they do. Not only are they masters behind the lens but they are extremely sweet and you will want them at your wedding.

Leo Farrell is both incredibly talented and gentle and kind. He will do an amazing job of both capturing the spirit of your wedding and ensuring you look perfect!

The best Melbourne marriage celebrants

These are the amazing celebrants I recommend when I am already booked, or if a couple want to book a different celebrant (than me) for various reason.

Mel Jacob is a celebrant trainer, mentor and has years more experience than most. She is an absolute delight!

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