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'I Do Drive Thru’ - Australia’s First Ever Drive-Thru Wedding Service Speeds into a City Near You

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Would you like vows with that?’ is the tagline that my friend and fellow celebrant Mel Jacob came up with when she created this original wedding business.

I Do Drive Thru offers couples affordable, ‘Vegas-vibed’ and socially-distanced weddings, during this strange new world of COVID-19 (coronavirus) & regulations which here in Australia allow only 5 people to attend a wedding.

Feature in 'Herald Sun!' Pic by Jason Edwards

I was thrilled when Mel asked me to jump on board as one of the four founding members, (along with the incredible Klara McMurray and Zena Lythgo.)

In the three weeks we’ve been in business, I Do Drive Thru has sparked interest all over the country (like here on Channel Nine News) and also around the world with media profiling the new brand in the UK.

"Car kissing highly encouraged" - Pic by Jackson Grant

The I Do Drive Thru website has a definite ‘old-school, 50’s’ feel with a modern twist. The concept allows couples to be married at a number of exciting, scenic locations around Australia or at any parking spot the couple feel would be fitting for their own drive thru experience.

The couple and their witnesses arrive at the designated location. Their Celebrant meets the vehicle. The ceremony is conducted whilst the couple remain inside the car. Paperwork and certificates are passed in and out of the windows, rings are exchanged, and back seat smooching is highly encouraged!

The ceremony can also be live-streamed direct to family and friends via the website, allowing family and friends to get in on the action. As Mel said “Even in a time of uncertainty love still exists and people still need to celebrate.

The website went live on Friday 3rd April and our inbox has been overwhelmed with bookings and enquiries. I Do Drive Thru offers couples a wedding experience like no other in Australia, with unique photos to match. The team are partnering with photographers and car-hire companies. They’re thrilled to be able to support wedding businesses when so many large-scale weddings have been cancelled or postponed.

"At this time, the ability to be married is still an essential service. Now more than ever it is important to be able to advocate for your partner in medical situations, ensure visas aren't put in jeopardy and avoid any unnecessary conflict around wills and estates." Zena Lythgo, Celebrant

In the end, love always wins – it will always find a way. I Do Drive Thru is just what’s needed at this strange time.

To find out more, head to the website

Kate Morgan is a full time, Melbourne based wedding celebrant.

For more info visit the website

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