"I Now Pronounce You," (for same-sex couples married by celebrants)

Updated: Jun 10

As an Authorised Celebrant, I’ve used the phrase “I now pronounce you Husband & Wife” hundreds of times. However, when I re-trained for this job, I did so for two reasons.

One of those was that I knew the Marriage Act 1961 was about to change to support

marriage equality.

Con & Jimmy tie the knot with Melbourne Celebrant, Kate Morgan

I couldn't wait to be a part of bringing all couples together, regardless of sexual preference or gender. Thankfully, on the 7th December 2017, after a nation-wide postal vote, legislation was passed to allow any two people wanting to tie the knot in Australia have the right to do so. Amen.

Con & Jimmy's ceremony was heart-warming & fun

Photos by Passion8 Photography At Encore St Kilda

Which brings me to the ceremony itself. In order to conduct a legal marriage in Australia,

there are a total of 118 words (I just counted) that must be said by the celebrant and the parties getting married. These are: The Monitum & The Legal Vows. Everything else is just icing on the (wedding) cake.

Naturally, a great celebrant should ensure these words really reflect you both in every way,

make you laugh and cry in the right places and leave your guests on a high, ready to for the Festival of (your) Love to follow. My favourite part of creating a wedding is finding out every last detail about my couples and what has brought them to the moment where they're making vows to last a lifetime.

Angela & Lisa's ceremony was emotional and finished on a high

Photos by Rom Anthonis

But the question remains, What Do I Pronounce You?

If you wish to conclude your ceremony with a 'Declaration of Marriage," here are some suggestions that have worked at some of my ceremonies in the past:

Celebrant: "By the love that has brought you here today and by the vows you have pledged, it is with great pleasure, and with the power vested in me by the Attorney General of Australia,

that I now pronounce you…

  • Duly Married

  • Wife & Wife

  • Husband & Husband

  • Spouse & Spouse

  • Wifey & Wifey

  • Married at Last

  • Partners for Life

  • Partners in Crime


  • I now present to you, the newly married (Name & Name)

  • I now present to you the newest married couple in Australia!

If you have any more to add to my list, I would love to hear from you HERE!

I loved telling Michael & Will's story to their family

Photos by LJM Photography

Kate Morgan is a Melbourne Celebrant & Advocate for Marriage Equality


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