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"I Now Pronounce You," (for same-sex couples married by celebrants)

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

As a full time Melbourne marriage Celebrant, I’ve declared hundreds of lovers “Husband & Wife,"

However, my primary goal in joining the wedding industry was to be a part of the #marriageequality movement in Australia.

You see, I grew up in a family where both of my parents are gay... (Long story! Want to grab a drink & chat?) As such, I very much see myself as part of the Queer Community.

Husband & Husband, LGBTIQA+ wedding ceremonies - traditional or more personal?
Con & Jimmy tie the knot with Melbourne Celebrant, Kate Morgan

I couldn't wait to be a part of bringing all couples together. Thankfully, on the 7th December 2017, after a nation-wide postal vote, legislation was passed to allow any two people wanting to tie the knot in Australia have the right to do so. Amen.

I married Sarah & Kasey surrounded by all their family and friends

So What Do I Pronounce YOU?

Which brings me to my point - the marriage ceremony! In order to conduct a legal marriage in Australia, there are just 118 words, (I just counted) that must be said by the celebrant and the parties getting married. These are: The Monitum & The Legal Vows. Everything else is just icing on the (wedding) cake.

Naturally, a great celebrant should ensure these words reflect you both in every way, make you laugh and cry in the right places and leave your guests on a high, ready for the Festival of (your) Love to follow.

My favourite part of creating a wedding is finding out every last detail about my couples and what has brought them to the moment where they're making vows to last a lifetime.

Angela & Lisa's ceremony was emotional and finished on a high

Photos by Rom Anthonis

Declaration of Marriage

If you wish to conclude your ceremony with a 'Declaration of Marriage," here are some suggestions that have worked at some of my ceremonies in the past:

Celebrant: "By the love that has brought you here today and by the vows you have pledged, it is my great honour to now pronounce you…

  • Duly Married

  • Wife & Wife

  • Husband & Husband

  • Spouse & Spouse

  • Wifey & Wifey

  • Married at Last

  • Partners for Life

  • Partners in Crime


  • I now present to you, the newly married (Name & Name)

  • I now present to you the newest married couple in Australia!

If you have any more to add to my list, I would love to hear from you HERE!

I loved telling Michael & Will's story to their family

Photos by LJM Photography

One Last Thing....

I celebrate life at every stage.

As Co-Founder & Head of Memorials at Tomorrow Funerals, I am passionate about advocating for LGBTIA acceptance and equality within the funeral industry, which in itself is generally fairly old fashioned. In fact, we believe a fundamental change in the Australian funeral industry is long overdue – it is this belief that has inspired our unique cremation & memorial only package.

Find out more about my approach to queer friendly funerals here.

Kate Morgan is a Melbourne Celebrant & Advocate for Marriage Equality


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